From A Story To A Spectacle

Tell us your story and we will build a stunning spectacle around it. Your happily ever after will be forever imprinted in the hearts of those who witness it. At VV Weddings, we let you take centre stage, listening to each of your requirements to make your wish list come true.

In a span of a decade we have planned close to 100 iconic weddings, each inspired by heart-warming stories that ignited ideas within us.

From Desire To Design

See us as a team of wedding architects that will happily design everything you can possibly dream of. Our design sheets are an extension of your desires.

Historic or contemporary, indulgent or simplistic, luxurious or budget planned, vintage or highly rustic, low key or large scale, however you have dreamt your special day, our proficient team will design and deliver it for you. Your wedding is our canvas and we promise that our artists will create an artisan extravagance for you.

A Basket Of Everything

To orchestrate your grand dream wedding, we take care of anything and everything, starting from your travel bookings, artist and celebrity management, corporate gifting, public relations, photography to videography.

What’s more?
Despite a short notice, we adhere to timelines and deliver exactly what you and your loved ones had dreamt of.


We ensure an epicurean food spread, exceptional music and exquisite floral arrangements to bring to life your dream story. Concept-driven with unique gifts and giveaways, ambient designing, real and raw photography and cinematic and captivating videography will give you a treasure trove of memories to cherish for a lifetime. It is all in-house, intricately planned and soulfully executed.

Stories and dreams when planned with passion become spectacles. Let’s create one for you.


“Art isn’t a painting. Art isn’t something you hang on the wall.
Art is what we do when we are truly alive.”

– Seth Godin

Forever Together!

We are Right beside, as You Embark on Your Journey of Togetherness!